What is a Freelancer Management System?

With freelancing on the rise, companies today are more inclined to work on contract based projects to utilize specific talents and skill sets optimally. Considering the nature of freelancing, it’s crucial for companies to systematize the onboarding and payments process. Freelance Management System makes it seamless by helping companies hunt, onboard, manage and pay freelancers apart from monitoring the tax forms and employment terms.

What’s In It for Your Company?

If you are a company that works with 10 or more freelancers you are likely to be in need of a system that tracks the projects, payments and keeps a record of the talent pool. A Freelancer Management System standardizes the process by making all the intel on your freelancer available on a single platform so that you have complete knowledge of the projects they have worked on, contracts they have signed, time they are available at, invoices created, payments made to them and more. Freelancer Management system also breaks down the tasks, thereby allowing respective departments within a company to handle each task accurately.

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How does a Freelance Management System work?

From maintaining a cloud based centralized platform for freelance talent pool to assisting you in making payments according to invoices, Freelance Management System looks into all the details of freelance work management to standardize the process for companies. A breakdown of the system is as follows-

HR Department

Onboard Freelancers

Creating Freelancer Pool

Time & Project Tracking

Legal Department

Managing Legal Terms

Monitoring Tax Forms

Storing Contracts and NDAs

Finance Department

Managing Invoices

Sending Payments

Freelancer Expenditure Report

Why Should You Use Freelancer Management Systems?

Time Efficiency

Imagine having to go through 2.5 million random freelancer profiles to find your right fit. Tedious right? Freelancer Management System not only saves you time (stats%) by bringing to you an existing pool of freelancers but also makes the talent hunt easier by segmenting freelancers according to skill sets.

Streamline Hiring

Minimize recruitment disparity and maximize compliance by standardizing the onboarding process. Freelancer Management System ensures that freelancers comply with employment terms and policies and sign the work contract in time.

Complete Visibility

Performance history, expertize, rate, contact details and other such factors are typically the things to consider while hiring a freelancer. A freelancer Management System gives you access to all that data and more so that you can make an informed hiring decision.

Robust Tracking

Time tracking is a significant part of freelance work management. With a Freelancer Management System, your business can not just track the progress of the project but also check the amount of time taken to complete a task to help you strategize work action and meet deadlines effectively.

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