Timesheet Management

Free your mind. Take charge of your time.

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Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Quantify how much time you’re spending on projects. Our simple “Start” and “Stop” buttons calculate your work flow—and track your progress. 
No stopping you.

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Timesheet Management Tasks Time Tracking
Timesheet Time Tracking Task Management
Instant overview

All-Knowing Dashboard

Meet your newest team member: the Freework Dashboard. Know exactly how much time you’re spending on which client. With our instant overview, easily visualize your task pipeline. Exceptional client management means smarter tools, not longer hours.

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Peace of mind. One click.

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"I get reminders, I view my Dashboard, and I can better manage my time."

Flavia - Freelance Marketing Consultant

Notes & Reminders

Notes & Reminders

Post reminders, a helpful link, or a paragraph-long summary easily as you get to work. Tasks falling between the cracks is a thing of the past.

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Geofencing Geo Tracking Feature

Never forget to clock in again

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll never forget when to start and stop your time tracker. Whew. Through location-based geofencing, we make time zone-hopping seamless. Finally.

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This is about managing your time on your terms. From your desktop at home or from your smartphone whilst hopping through time zones, manage all your freelancing needs on one platform.

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Our Freelancers save thousands of hours by letting Freework help with Timesheets, Invoices and Payment. Don’t miss that opportunity. We can text you a quick download link to get you started!

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