Client Management

Increase client satisfaction whilst boosting your own bliss.
Store and access client information with a few clicks.

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Client Data

Safely store client data

Create a helpful archive of client information, like the corporate address for invoices, email addresses for contacting, and time sheet record for payroll.

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Task Export

Export tasks

Send clients a report or a file with a few clicks. Simply select the task, choose the file format, and export. No other interface involved.

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"It fits right in my workflow"

Philipp - Freelance Product Designer


Visualize your projects

Quantified reporting means improved planning. Freework breaks down tasks completed, hours worked, and cash earned. Impress clients with these custom reports in your next meeting, showing where time and tasks could be optimized.

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Invoice & Payment

Ensure a reliable Pay Day

With archived client information, create an invoice in seconds. Or simply generate an invoice automatically from your time sheet.

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Our Freelancers save thousands of hours by letting Freework help with Timesheets, Invoices and Payment. Don’t miss that opportunity. We can text you a quick download link to get you started!

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