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For small agencies and companies with irregular recruiting needs

$150 / month

Up to 2 accounts with 50 active freelancers.

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A popular choice for agencies and small companies.

$390 / month

Up to 3 accounts, 100 active freelancer profiles and 300 searches/month.

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An optimized solution for bigger agencies and brands.

$990 / month

Up to 20 accounts, 2000 active freelancer profiles and 2000 searches/month.

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Search and Matching

Freelancer Pool

Access an organized yet extensive pool of freelancers from all around the world.
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Search and Matching


Use our search bar to filter freelancers according to skills, location, projects, etc.
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Search and Matching

Time Tracking

Track the exact amount of time spent on projects to predict budgets and deadlines.
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Search and Matching


Pay freelancers accurately on time with auto-generated invoices.
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Essential Starter Pro
Business Accounts 2 3 20
Active Freelancers 50 100 2000
Searches per Month 300 2000
Pre-built Onboarding
Integrated application form
GDPR compliance
Freelancer Profile Enrichment
+25,000 Skills
Data Import & Export
24/7 Support
Freelancer Notes
Freelancer Reviews
Request Availability (Email)
Request Availability (SMS)
Freework API Access

The more we grow the harder it gets to hire the right people for our teams at Salesfive. Freework has managed to solve the problem for our company by helping us work with expert freelancers who understand the job and deliver it best. We discovered Freework when we needed it the most.

Florian Gehring

CEO & Co-Founder, Salesfive

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Where is your data Center? Is it secure?
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Is Freework GDPR compliant?
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The Mobile Operating System For Freelancers.

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