Your GDPR Compliant Freelancer Management System

We ensure data privacy and protection when you work with professionals.

GDPR Freelancer Management System

What is GDPR?
General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR aims at protecting personal data from being used in any way without individual consent.

Since GDPR is meant for EU citizens, it primarily affects European companies. However, if your company is not based in Europe but holds personal data of EU residents, GDPR applies to you as well.

How Freework Helps You Stay GDPR Compliant
Every time a freelancer gets added to the company database, Freework notifies them. Additionally, it also gives the freelancer a chance to opt out of the talent pool. With Freework, data can be not just secured but also deleted if the freelancer wants to do so.

Freework Understands and Values Data Privacy

Data Security Compliance

  • Special screening of sensitive data
  • Single data entry point for candidates
  • Clear record of how candidates are added to the talent pool
  • Secured editing or deleting of data
  • Data sharing overlooked by security tools

Transparent Communication

  • Customizable onboarding pages for better compliance
  • Real-time communication to convey policy changes
  • Digital employment contract to verify terms and conditions

The Mobile Operating System For Freelancers.

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