Founded in 2016 —

Salesfive is a global Salesforce consulting firm that serves a broad mix of businesses, ranging from startups to big corporations.


Munich, Germany

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AS ONE OF THE FASTEST-GROWING SALESFORCE CONSULTING COMPANIES, Salesfive is on a mission to help companies grow at their full potential, pave the way for a stable and successful future. They offer a passion for excellence and love tackling known and unknown challenges, providing creative, working solutions for the problems posed by any attempt to scale a business to profitability.

Freework helps Salesfive to build a pool of trusted experts for their team:

  • Short-term projects
  • Salesfive use Freework to staff projects with diverse freelancers for one-off tasks

  • Recurring projects
  • Freework provides Salesfive a go-to freelancer team with specialized skills

  • Full-time contract work
  • In addition they expand their team with a dedicated freelancer team

As we grow, it's way harder to hire people for Salesfive. Therefore part of our strategy for own projects & products is always to work with freelancers, and I think Freework really, really helped.

Florian Gehring
CEO & Co-Founder, Salesfive

In the beginning, Salesfive worked with just a few freelancers in Germany. It was difficult to reliably track invoices & timesheets, find new profiles, and hire freelancers.

Now Salesfive works and manages their freelancers with Freework across the globe. In addition Salesfive use Freework for freelancer sourcing to find new co-workers & staff new projects.

Salesfive Freework Customer Story
Salesfive Freework Customer Story

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