Hire the Best with Your Career Page

Success stories are essentially people stories. So make sure you hire the best people. Start by reaching out to experts from all around the world by opening up your career page for freelancers.

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Freelancer Onboarding


Tailor Onboarding to Fit Your Brand

Enrich your talent pool by including freelancers in it. Make your career page all inclusive to help freelancers apply for roles proactively. It’s easier than you think. Freework’s onboarding system hosts a mini-site to help freelancers apply.

Positive Experience

Build a Positive Candidate Experience

Freework’s mobile-friendly onboarding form helps freelancers browse career pages easily on their phones, making the application process smooth. They can even upload multiple documents other than the resume which then gets directly sent to your CRM.


Get Automated Notifications

Freework informs you every time a freelancer applies to work with your company. Receive an email confirming the application whenever someone signs into your company onboarding page.

One Platform for all Your Freelancer Management Needs

A Freelancer Management System that helps you stay ahead of the game.

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Freelancer Onboarding

The Mobile Operating System For Freelancers.

Our Freelancers save thousands of hours by letting Freework help with Timesheets, Invoices and Payment. Don’t miss that opportunity. We can text you a quick download link to get you started!

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