We created this sheet for your freelance expense report, receipt tracking, and all your business travels. Save time and streamline your business travel and receipts now!

This sheet is made for freelancers around the world

Expense tracking helps freelancers to know how much money they’ve blown into their clients and projects. With the Freework Expense Spreadsheet, freelancers can track anything by breaking down business travels, software costs, and other categories. Freework provides the first mobile operating system for freelancers. From timesheet to invoice, we support freelancers to receive the freedom they actually need. Our goal is to create more time for every freelancer.

Why it's important to centralize your data?

In order to ensure that you are optimizing your work hours it is very important to track it. An app like Freework makes it easier for you to track time. Use the timesheet feature to calculate the exact amount of time you have spent per task or project. In most cases you would have to use separate softwares to track time and create invoices. The problem with that is you are spending a lot of time on different apps and not on your actual work. Organize all your tasks with one centralized platform which not only allows to track time but create invoices as well. Use Freework to create standard invoices automatically out of the timesheets.

The only mobile operating system for freelancers

It's a simple time tracking and timesheet app that lets you track tasks on clients. Log and store client information which can be used to increase client satisfaction. Send and create invoices with your tracked hours in no time.