About Freework

Where the latitude of
work and the longitude
of freedom meet


Freework launched in November 2017

We’re Niklas and Ben. We founded Freework because we know the frustrations of freelancing.
Trust us. As former freelancers to giant corporations and tech startups, every month became a soul-sucking process to wade through tedious paperwork, like converting time sheets to invoices.

We’ve played the game.

Now we’re changing it.

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"We want to change how freelancers work."

Niklas - Co-Founder Freework

Freework strives to make your life as mobile
and flexible as possible

Since we’re changing the game, we’re learning as we build. We may not get it right every time, but through it all, our focus remains the same: delivering freelancers a work life of flexibility and peace of mind.

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This is about managing your time on your terms. From your desktop at home or from your smartphone whilst hopping through time zones, manage all your freelancing needs on one platform.