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Our Mission

Freework aims at streamlining Freelancer Management for companies to make hiring and managing freelancers easy and quick. We enable companies to optimize skill utilization by bringing freelancers from all over the world to your nearest device.

Freework’s Journey

Freework came into being when founders Niklas and Ben realized the frustrations of freelancing while working with giant corporations and tech startups. While tedious paperwork can be a problem for freelancers, tracking assignments can be a pain point for companies. Freework is that one-stop solution that answers all these issues.

Founder Team Freework Ben Niklas

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"We want to change how freelancers work."

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Freework Strives to Make Work Environment as Mobile and Flexible as Possible

At Freework, we strive to ensure mobility of workspace and security of employment terms. Whether it is making payments on time or tracking progress on assignments, with Freework everything is just a click of the button away.

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Short Description

Freework is a Freelancer Management System for Every Business Needs.

Company Description

Freework is a premier Freelancer Management System—our mobile-first attitude ensures a smooth transaction between companies and freelancers. Tools and documents, like invoices and time tracking, are centralized into one, accessible platform where companies can find all necessary intel into freelancer profile from a pool of 2.5 million trusted freelancers.

Whether it is freelance Designers, Developers, Marketers or Writers — Freework creates a singular space that oversees and meets the most important business needs.


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This is about managing your time on your terms. From your desktop at home or from your smartphone whilst hopping through time zones, manage all your freelancing needs on one platform.

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