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“Freework is highly useful and simplifies my daily life.” Flavia - Freelance Marketing Consultant
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Do you spend too much work on creating your timesheet manually or with annoying overhead per client/project? We’ll help you to focus on what you really love: freelancing

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Change your way of work. Get one account and do everything what you can do with other freelance tools - except easier and from everywhere

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You’ll never forget to start and stop your activities. Always keep control of all your projects. Get your free account and do everything what you can do with other freelance tools – except easier and from everywhere.

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"It fits right in my workflow"

Philipp - Freelance Product Designer


What does Freework do?

Freework is a freelance platform to handle your daily work, to save time, increase billable hours, decrease administrative overhead and do what you really love: follow your work passion

How do I install Freework?

Freework is available for iOS, Android and Mac OS.

You can download our iOS or Android app here: (open this link with your mobile device)

You can download our Mac OS app here:

Which functions does Freework provide?

Our main features: Time Tracking, Client Management, Reporting, Geo Tracking, Task Export

Invoices & Payment and a lot more is coming in the following weeks. If you have any ideas how to improve your freelancing please drop us a line (

Which countries and currencies are usable with Freework?

Freework works in almost every country and currency. If you have any problems please contact us via email:

How much does Freework cost?

Get setup in minutes with our free app. After you started to work with +3 clients, we have a monthly and yearly pricing plan for you to choose from in order to best suit the size and nature of your business.

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Manage your freelancing on the go and create an account from your phone or desktop in a couple of taps

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