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"Our strategy for own projects & products is always to work with freelancers, and Freework really helped."
Florian Gehring, Salesfive

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Search and Matching

Search & Matching

Leverage our accurate pool of over 2.5 million trusted freelancer profiles.

Onboarding and Freelancer CRM

Onboarding & Freelancer CRM

Onboard your freelancers faster and keep track of every freelancer profile in your personal database.



Manage projects, receive real- time timesheets and invoices from your freelancers.

One Stop Solution for All Your Freelancer Management Needs

Freework FMS

Glance through an expansive list of freelancers to find the right fit for your company.
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Ensure smooth onboarding with digital contract signing and communicating availability.
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Track assignments and time spent on projects to manage budgets and deadlines.
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Collaborate with multiple freelancers on single projects by sharing files and chatting from any device.
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A modern freelancer crm

Easily add information to freelancer profiles you have

Contact data
Store and receive personal email, work email, and mobile phone.

Job title & Education
Store and Receive current and past job title and company, as well as skills and degree information. 

10+ other entities
Also leverage social URLs, location, industries, and more.

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Freelancer Profiles

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Find freelancers fast, based on skills, keywords or location and save hours of research time.

Software Engineer, Mobile Developer, Frontend & Backend Developer, DevOps, ...
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Designer, UI/UX Designer, Visual & Creative Designer, Brand Designer, ...
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Operations, HR, Office Manager, Recruiter, Customer Service, Operations Manager, ...
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Sales, Business Development Manager, Account Manager, Sales Engineer, ...
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Marketing, Growth Hacker, Content Creator, Social Media, ...
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Finance, Accountant, Bookkeeper, Controller, Financial Analyst, ...
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Product Manager Product Owner, Business Analyst, ...
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Project Manager, QA Engineer, Data Scientist, and more ...
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Finally, freelancer sourcing & management designed for
modern companies.


Over 2,500,000 freelancer profiles around the globe.

Time to project

We have a two to four-day average to project kickoff/contract.


99.8% avg. uptime, compliant with EU/US data privacy regulations

Developer-friendly APIs

Configure Freework for your team’s unique needs and technology with the Freework API.

Streamline your projects

From timesheet management to invoice, we support companies and freelancers on-the-go.

You're in Good Company

Freework is trusted by 30,000+ freelancers & companies around the world.

As we grow, it's way harder to hire people for Salesfive. Therefore part of our strategy for own projects & products is always to work with freelancers, and I think Freework really, really helped.

Florian Gehring

CEO & Co-Founder, Salesfive


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The next decade will see all businesses become new gig economy companies. We partner with your HR or recruiting teams as they build out your freelancer hiring goals.

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