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“Freework is highly useful and simplifies my daily life.” Flavia - Freelance Marketing Consultant
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Freework. A mobile-first space for every need

How much time do you spend handling overhead per project? From timesheet management to invoice, we support freelancers and digital nomads to receive the freedom they actually need. More time dedicated to work. And play.

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Freelancing. Freedom. Your way

Work smarter, not harder. With one account, create a singular space that oversees and meets the most important business needs. Timesheet, client management, reporting, geo tracking, task export, and invoice.

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Freelancing for the road.

Keep moving with peace of mind. Freework makes it easier to remember how projects are faring. Easily oversee every detail of every project on your smartphone. With accessible coverage, you won’t miss a beat.

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"My work feels more focused, less scattered."

Philipp - Freelance Product Designer


What is Freework?

Freework is a mobile-first platform that supports your day-to-day operations of being a freelancer or a Digital Nomads. Timesheet Management, Client Management, Reporting, Geo Tracking, Task Export, and Invoicing are included. It’s made to increase billable hours, decrease stress-inducing overhead, and it gives you back the scarcest of resources: time.

How do I install Freework?

Easy! Freework is available for iOS, Android and Mac OS.

With your mobile device, download the iOS or Android app here:

Download our Mac OS app here:

What features does Freework provide?

Our main features are Time Tracking, Client Management, Reporting, Geo Tracking, Task Export and Invoices & Payment.

Further features are set to roll out in the next few weeks—so stay tuned!

Have a feature suggestion (or a suggestion on how to improve in general)? We’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at

Which countries and currencies are usable with Freework?

Freework is available in nearly every country and currency. If you do run into issues setting up your account, please contact us at We’re here to help!

How much does Freework cost?

Freework is free to use, up to 3 clients. After you work with more than 3 clients, choose from a monthly and/or yearly pricing plan. Our plans are tailored to cover the variety of freelancer financial situations. A Freework account setup takes mere minutes with our free app.

Set up your account in under 1 minute.

Begin managing your freelancing business from your smartphone screen. With a few extra taps, you can link your mobile account to a desktop. Easy.

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